Building a Summer Lyceum series takes a dedicated team and a lot of work year round.

A team of committee members works in the fall to vet and contact potential speakers and sponsors, to meet the goals set for the following season. In the winter, another team works to assemble and prepare informational materials for posters, brochures, and our website. The spring is for finalizing logistics and the annual mailing party.

And our favorite part, Summer Sunday mornings we prepare for the day's speaker, arrange flowers, greet our audience, provide hearing and other assistance, host a reception, collect donations, sell books for authors to sign, and generally enjoy another day of community building in our fabulous Monadnock region!

Bob Haring-Smith, Chair, Peterborough
Marcia Breckenridge, Secretary, Rindge
Bob Gordon, Treasurer, Peterborough, Member PUUC

Bob Beck, Peterborough
Hélène Bickford, Hancock
Eric Blackmer, Peterborough, Member PUUC
Bo Dean, Amherst, Member PUUC
Jane Eckert, Peterborough
Linda Field, Peterborough, Member PUUC
David Flemming, Peterborough, Member PUUC
Diane Hanson, Peterborough
Emily Manns, Peterborough
Meredith Martin, Dublin, Member PUUC
Ed Morrow, Peterborough, Member PUUC
Susan Stanbury, Peterborough, Member PUUC

(PUUC – Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church)