Contributions, Friends, and Donors

The Monadnock Summer Lyceum's income is generated solely from donations and sponsorships. The organization is run entirely by volunteers, so that income goes right into the program.  Our expenses include offering a modest honorarium to speakers, printing of promotional and publicity materials, updating sound and recording equipment and paying for rental fees.

We invite you to join the Lyceum Committee in support of this valuable summer program.  We appreciate your tax deductible contributions which are acknowledged in the following categories in our programs each year and on our website.

  • Angels         $500 or more
  • Patrons        $250 or more
  • Founders     $182.80, commemorating our foundation date of 1828
  • Friends        $100 or more
  • Supporters   $50 or more

All donations are tax deductible.

Checks may be mailed to : Monadnock Summer Lyceum, 25 Main Street, Peterborough NH 03458.

Or, donate online below...

We would like to thank the following local businesses for their ongoing support: Blue Bass Design, Greg Scerbinski, May Street Creations, People’s United Bank, The Toadstool Bookshops of NH, Peterborough Town Library, World Affairs Council-NH, Monadnock-Ledger Transcript, and Keene Sentinel ELF.



The Reading Foundation, Gilbert Verney Foundation, Putnam Foundation and New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Electric Earth Concerts, Monadnock Conservancy, RiverMead, and The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center




Margot Close


Marcia Breckenridge, Elaine Holden, Tom & Bev Westheimer, Joel & Anne Huberman, Kate & Ben Taylor, Bob & Tori Haring-Smith, Andrew & Emily Manns, Jane Eckert, Nancy Faulkner


Hélène Bickford, Julia & Gregory Cardinal, Charles & Mary Rizzotto, Christine Robidoux, Louise Malcolm, Mary Kaplan, Bo Dean


Anne Twitchell, Debra Bowie, John Bordenet, Lew Feldstein, Agneta & Neal Brown, , aul Santos, Barbara Graham, Carl & Pat Ingelstrom, Carol & Gerald Boyle, Joyce & Cy Gregg, Deborah & Randolph Roody, Dorothy Peterson, Betsey Harris, Grenville Clark, James Rogers, Judith Bixler Collier, Marcia Ober, Nancy Head, Nancy B. Roberts, , hil Runyon, Roberta Beeson, Ruth & Jerry Greene, Shari & Richard Gelber, Sue & Doug Copley, Susan & Jay Ginsburg, Valerie Atkins, Van Zimmer, Virginia Harbuck



Donald & Patricia Briggs, Michelle Ives Scott, Catherine Closter, Lisa Gendron, Adelinda Higgs, Amy Riley, Lynn & Arthur Simington, Carol Hamilton, Carol &Stephan Gehlbach, David Blair, David McNeil, Donna & Fred Geer, Eric Blackmer, Faith Miller, Gail Morrison and Pauline Chabot, Gary Lambert, Jane Richards-Jones, Jean & David Ro, Jeannie Sy, Joanne & Joseph Conrad, Jean & David Robins, Judson & Sally Hale, Julia Rizzo, Kate Coon, Linda & Bryan Field, Marion Gannett, Rob & Martha Eichler, Mary Ann Rocco, Meredith Martin, Patricia Hoffman, Patricia Lange, Peter & Suzanne Read, Ronald Cheney, Sally Hoover, Sandhya Kale, Sarah Dengler & Mark Beal, Serafin Anderson, Sophia Rallis, Susan Deschenes, Susan Stanbury, David & Susan Lord, Paul Bothwell, Ted Leach, Susan & Timothy Norris, Vona Lindsey