Jim Rooney

From Homer to Hank Williams: Thoughts about singing and songwriting

What makes a song? What makes us want songs in our lives? Jim Rooney will answer these and other questions - and sing! Having discovered Hank Williams’ songs while a teenager, Rooney began exploring the roots of country and blues music, which led him to realize the connections to songs that were imported to Appalachia from the British Isles and Ireland. Reaching back still further, he became aware that the Homeric poems were actually oral, not written poems. It became clear that he had joined a very long, and legitimate tradition.

Rooney managed the legendary Club 47 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and became a director for the Newport Folk Festival. For the past 40 years he has worked in Nashville in a variety of roles. Through it all, he has never lost his love of songs and his belief that they play an important role in helping us live our lives.

Sponsored by Peterborough Folk Music.

This program is dedicated to the memory of Joel Green, former member of the Monadnock Summer Lyceum and Peterborough Folk Music.